Cnr. Barnes and Denison Streets
Tamworth NSW 2340

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Cnr. Barnes and Denison Streets
Tamworth NSW 2340

Cnr. Barnes and Denison Streets
Tamworth NSW 2340

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Specialised Chemical

Bulk chemical for specialised applications

Featured Products


Supplying Hydrochorlic Acid, Caustic soda, Distilled Water as well as custom made to order products in 200L & IBC


For use in steam Irons, humidifiers, vaporisers, autoclaves and sterilisation units


Representing the latest generation in technology in alkaline chlorinated foaming detergents with a soft metal corrosion inhibitor. Available in 25L & 1000L

LAB 495

Technically advanced alkaline spray washing compound for both ferrous and non ferrous metals specially formulated for the metal working & automotive industries. Available in 12KG, 20KG & 200KG

LAB 568

Formulated as a highly effective blend of hydrocarbon solvents, synergistic surfactants, emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors deisgned to effectively remove black jack type greases. Available in 200L.

LAB 610

When diluted with kerosene will effectively remove oil, grease and soft carbon and is particularly useful in cleaning engine components. Available in 20L & 200L

LAB 727

An alkaline hot tank cleaner that gives the extra performance you expect from a technologically advanced product. Available in 12KG, 20KG & 200KG

LAB 755

A liquid cationic coagulant, effective as a primary coagulating agent in water clarification, thickening and filtration. Available in 25L, 200L & 1000L

LAB 777

An extremely active scale inhibitor and antiflocculant recommended for use in heating coils of hot water pressure washers, where deposits or scale formation must be controlled. Available in 5L

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